Make Time to Read!


I grew up in an urban community on the North side of town called “The Hood”. Yes, I am from the urban inner city community. My parents moved a lot when I was in elementary school, so I ended up going to six different elementary schools. Growing up in our home, education, reading, and homework was expected; however, it wasn’t a value. Due to this, I developed a mindset that caused me to believe that I could go to school not to earn an education, but only to pass. I was a “C” student on purpose. I never developed study habits, and I didn’t know of anyone in my neighborhood that was apart of a study group, so I didn’t enjoy reading. I would rather have watched TV and sports, simply rode my bike, or played basketball and football in my neighborhood. I looked at reading as boring, not something that was fun or entertaining. These choices left me limited, average, mediocre, and employed at average jobs with below average pay. My conversations were limited due my lack of reading skills. I felt intimidated by people who could read, and I lived with a lot of regret. The truth is that I wasted time watching hours and hours of sports when I could have been reading.

Today, reading has stretched my mind, enlarged my thinking, and broadened my horizons. It has caused me to think bigger and has helped me expand my vocabulary. I learned that reading could be fun, exciting and adventurous.

Thomas Carlyle stated, “The greatest university of all is a collection of books”.

Reading has also advanced my career to become Self-employed. Today, I run massive growing organization, manage 5 full-time employees, and 15 part time employees.

Reading has caused me to learn to love education more; therefore, I discovered the need to further my education by going back to college to pursue my Bachelor’s and Masters degree, and in 2014 begin a rigorous Doctoral program.

My life has been impactful and successful because of reading.  I believe that all readers are not leaders, but all leaders are readers.  Read to achieve and read to succeed.  In the words of Ernest Hemingway, “There is no friend as loyal as a book”.

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