1 out of 20,000

MOM 2006

A lot of cool people were born on January 28th, such as Rick Warren, Anthony Hamilton, Creflo Dollar, Rick Ross, Elijah Woods, J. Cole and William J. Lindsey, but none were like my momma, Mrs. Jewel Lindsey! Happy 76th Birthday to the greatest mother of all time!

That’s right, 76 years ago, on Jan. 28th my mother, Jewel Lindsey was born, and 48 years ago on that same day, I was born.  What are the chances that a child could be born on the same day, date and month as their mother? 1 out of 20,000, and I am honored to share my birthday with my mother.

Happy 76th Birthday Mom,

We love and miss you like crazy. You are the best, greatest and sweetest mom ever.

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