10 Things My Mother Taught Me


On January 1, 2014, my mother, Jewel Lindsey, transitioned into her Heavenly home; however, her life, love, leadership and legacy lives on with us forever. She was more than just a mother; she was a teacher, leader and coach.  She was a great mother, but now she is a legendary mother who taught with her words, wisdom and walk.  “She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue” -Proverbs 31:26.

The old saying is true: “some things are not taught, but instead caught”.  Our home was a university, church and seminary school.  It was a place of learning, growing, discipline and development.  She shared many insights that have guided our family for over a half of a century. Below are a few principles from Jewel Lindsey that I caught:

1.              Don’t Play With God; always respect Him.

2.              Always Remain Respectful.

3.              Stay in Church.

4.              Shine Your Shoes; look presentable!

5.              Lock Your Doors; think safety first.

6.              Don’t Take No Wooden Nickels; Let no one cheat you!

7.              Always Love Your Family.

8.              Roll like A Big Wheel in a Georgia Cotton Field; Enjoy Life!

9.              Be Resilient in Hardship; Never Give Up in Life!

10.            Love People; don’t be fake.

Every day I strive to live out what she taught and to pass these same timeless, yet transferable principles down for others to follow.  The old saying is true: “Methods are many, principles are few. Methods always change, principles never do”.

These principles of wisdom and life can help build character and strengthen the lives of current and future generations. They have shaped my values and core beliefs. Jewel Lindsey has been a model, mentor and motivator to many.

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