The Characteristics Of Charismatic Leaders

What is a Charismatic Leader?

Charismatic Leaders are visionaries. They want to transform, not merely maintain. They revive failing companies, develop new products, and revolutionize process. They create a sense of urgency. These people see opportunity everywhere and believe that “sacred cows make the best hamburger”. They Challenge the Status Quo and introduce new paradigms of ministry. They cast a compelling vision and build winning organizations. Here are some characteristics of Charismatic Leaders:

  • They are change agents and transcend the status quo.
  • They are visionaries and magnetic personalities with lot of energy and enthusiasm.
  • They project an exciting and colorful picture to their followers.
  • They are great communicators and good at emotional intelligence.
  • They love to live on the edge and are risk takers.
  • They don’t bother with the fear of failure or death.
  • They are highly emotional but balance themselves.
  • They are good at storytelling and believe in the concept of management by anecdotes.
  • They start their speeches with anecdotes that connect with their audience quickly and effectively.
  • They follow their hearts.
  • They develop visions for others and are highly confident and optimistic.
  • They network with people and build bridges.
  • They are honest and help others.
  • They are servant-leaders.
  • Finally, they never give up.

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