Book Seminar


Maya Angelou said,

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Don’t put off another day, the book that’s been stirring your soul.  It’s time to take your book from your head and into the hands of your readers. Don’t procrastinate writing what could very well be a New York Times best seller. Who knows?

There’s a least one book in you that’s been kept in the prison of your soul.  This half day seminar will show you the nuts and bolts of writing your first book. You will learn more than just how to write a book, you will learn how to be a writer. You will never have to wait on some publishing company to publish your book, you will have the tools and skills to self-publish your own book now and be on amazon in weeks.  Here’s what you will learn……..

  • How To Write A Book
  • How To Self-Publish
  • How To Market Your Book
  • How To Build A Platform
  • How To Find a Graphic Designer, Editor and Proof Reader
  • How To Get Endorsers
  • How To Use Social Media
  • How To Get Your Book On Kindle, iPads, etc.
  • Turn Your Book into a Business
  • Earn Multiple Steams Of Revenue…
  • How To Get Your Book on Audible
  • Learn how To Podcast on iTunes
  • Increase Your Influence and Build Your Tribe
  • Hear from Special Guest Authors
  • And So Much More

With practicality and experience William will show you the proven strategies that have worked for him and other successful authors. Learn how to write, publish and sell your books. It’s tough to get published, but there has never been a more easy and affordable time in history to self-publish a book.

Michael Hyatt says,

“Nothing credentials you like a book. Not even a Ph.D.”

Take advantage of this front-row seat seminar and finally become the author you were destined to be.

Note: This is seminar for self-publishing non-fictional writer