William J. Lindsey offers consultative, coaching, and training services. At we can help develop your potential and empower your leaders.


Coaching Through Tele-Coaching
Coaching through Tel-Coaching is a leaders that meet together monthly via telephone for training, coaching, and networking. (Coming Soon!)


I’m available to speak at your conference, leadership or staff gatherings on the following topics and more

Person Growth Conferences

  • Your One and Only Life
  • Discover Your Destiny
  • The Will To Be-Becoming More Than What You Are
  • Unstuck 101-Double Clutching Your Life
  • Now or Never! Making Your Life Count Now
  • From Rags to Prosperity-Building Wealth
  • How to Write Your First Book-Self-published
  • How To Successfully Go To College and Finish

Leadership Conferences

  • Exceptional Leaders
  • How To Build A Winning Leadership Team
  • Developing an Exceptional Staff